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Carjacking Lawyer Hackensack NJ

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As a state known for its strict laws involving violence and threats of violence, New Jersey imposes some of the most severe carjacking penalties in the country. These penalties include significant mandatory minimum sentences. If you are charged with carjacking and convicted, you could be incarcerated in a state prison for between 10 and 30 years. Moreover, under New Jersey’s mandatory sentencing laws, you will not be eligible for parole until at least 85 percent of your sentence is complete. Beyond that, if someone was killed during the carjacking, regardless of whether you caused their death, you could be facing a life sentence.

When you’re accused of carjacking in New Jersey, you need a qualified NJ criminal defense lawyer on your side and fighting for you. Hackensack criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg can build a strong defense against your carjacking charges. Contact him today to schedule a free consultation.

N.J.S.A. 2C:15-2: New Jersey Carjacking Statute

An act shall be deemed to be “in the course of committing an unlawful taking of a motor vehicle” if it occurs during an attempt to commit the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle or during an immediate flight after the attempt or commission.

Carjacking is a crime of the first degree and upon conviction thereof a person may be sentenced to an ordinary term of imprisonment between 10 and 30 years. A person convicted of carjacking shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment and that term of imprisonment shall include the imposition of a minimum term of at least five years, during which the defendant shall be ineligible for parole.

In simple language, carjacking can be described as the taking of a motor vehicle that is in the lawful possession of another person—whether owner, driver, or passenger—to deprive them of their car, truck, or motorcycle through force or fear.

Time Is Critical to Prepare a Solid Defense Against Carjacking Charges in Hackensack, New Jersey

In most carjacking cases, the defendant is accused of using a gun to terrorize, injure, or kill the victim. Often, carjacking charges are combined with other alleged criminal activity, such as auto theft, joyriding, theft of movable property, armed robbery, aggravated assault, criminal weapons offenses, and kidnapping. In these cases, the court typically considers exacerbating circumstances that together may lead to a life sentence.

Because carjacking usually involves other crimes of violence, the penalties for a carjacking conviction in New Jersey may deprive you of your freedom for decades – or even for the rest of your life. It is critical that you have a skilled NJ criminal defense attorney who is equipped to build a strong strategy on your behalf and who will work diligently toward what is in your best interests. Without reservation, Paramus criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg will use his knowledge, integrity, intelligence, and legal ingenuity to create the best possible defense for you against your carjacking charges.

It is critical that you face these charges head on and without delay. This isn’t going to go away, and you shouldn’t wait to see what happens. With an intelligent, strategic defense, you may be able to beat the charges and avoid the most severe penalties.

If you’ve been charged with carjacking in Fort Lee, Hackensack, Paramus, Newark, Bloomfield, or anywhere else in New Jersey, this is a serious matter that you must take seriously. An experienced, competent legal defense can mean the difference between your freedom and, if convicted of the charges, wasting your life in prison.

Why Choose the Lustberg Law Firm to Handle Your Hackensack Carjacking Charges?

Hackensack criminal lawyer Adam M. Lustberg believes in justice for all, not justice for some. If you did commit a carjacking in New Jersey, all hope is not lost. Without judgment, Adam Lustberg will respectfully listen to what happened and fight vigorously against the carjacking charges. To begin, if it is possible to gain reduced charges or dismissal of charges, he will attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor. If the case goes to trial, several defenses could prove your innocence against carjacking charges. Given the complex nature of NJ carjacking laws, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before formulating your strategy.

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