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"If I could give Lustberg law offices more than 5 stars I would. Adam M. Lustberg is by far the best criminal defense attorney I have ever met. He is the most knowledgeable, professional, and highly respected in the area. Mr. Lustberg will go above and beyond to make sure he gets you the best possible outcome for your situation. Adam M. Lustberg fought long and hard for my mother and instead of her serving what could’ve been a 5-10 year sentence in jail, she got the minimum sentence of 364 days which is now downgraded to 6 months. Thank you Lustberg law offices for all your hard work! Everyone makes mistakes and Lustberg law offices are on your side."

“Was facing my first and only felony charge. Adam worked with me the whole way and made it so I had nothing to fear. Got my charge dropped to disorderly persons and walked out of the courtroom with no handcuffs! A consummate professional and just an all around great guy! Hire him! I highly recommend him!”

"I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer, and quite frankly I was actually very surprised he was able to handle my case in the way it was done. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who needs a gentleman in his profession."

“I could not be happier with the perfect service that Adam M. Lustberg has provided for me. in his eyes i was a person with a major problem and not just dollar signs… he really care’s about taking care of his clients and their case, rates were extremely reasonable and his knowledge in law is superb. He’s by far the most resourceful and smartest lawyer I’ve ever met. i was facing 4 felony charges and he got me out of a rock bottom situation and helped me get back straight to the top. Highly recommended! if you don’t use ADAM LUSTBERG you are wasting your time with other attorneys”

"Luckily ive only had to use mr.lustbergs services once but i will forever say he is the best lawyer in the world! He’s always available to answer any questions i have and is always happy to help even months after having all my charges dismissed. I’d give more then 5 stars if i could."

“Adam is a wonderful lawyer and a very knowledgable guy, he actually knew more about the laws on drug charges better than the judge at my case. I always felt pretty calm about the situation because i knew he’d have everything covered. I would hire him again without a doubt.”

"I must say Out of all my experiences with Lawyers, doing business with Adam was the best. After first meeting Adam and informing him of my Situation, he reassured me that if there was a way out of it he would find a way. I was hesitant and decided to go to Trial. Adam handled my Trial as a true professional and Made sure every aspect was covered, and decided to go about my trial with the best angle Neccessary. I was acquitted on my Charge and 7 other charges were dismissed.. Best experience and feeling ever..THAnks For my Freedom ADAM!!!"

Adam accomplished what, to me, was a minor miracle. I was looking at definite long loss of license, major fines and jail time for 2 separate incidents. He pulled out full and complete dismissals on both. He’s now assisting family in another matter and so far she is perfectly thrilled with him. I recommend Adam to anyone needing a good defense attorney.”

"I highly recommended Adam M. Lustberg! Adam is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He clearly knows everything there is to know about criminal law. He is a great communicator, and he gave my case his full attention. If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, you can stop your search right here. Adam is the very best."

"I have a long history with the Lustberg Law Firm. Adam is highly experienced, a great communicator who will not keep an eye on the time when you are talking to him. He actually listens to the client and goes out of his way to understand your particular goal. Adam always replied to my emails, texts and phone calls. A professional in every respect. I recommend the Lustberg Law firm without any reservations."

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