Hackensack Juvenile Drug Crime Charges
Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Drug Possession Charges in New Jersey

Teenagers are sometimes known for indulging in risky behavior. Often, this is because teenagers are under the impression that bad things can never happen to them. In unfortunate situations, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence (DUI), the results can be catastrophic, forever changing the landscape of a teenager’s life and permanently affecting their family. The same is true when a minor is convicted of a juvenile drug possession charge. The knowing and illegal possession of any drug can ruin their chances of entering the military, participating in school activities, and even going to college – not to mention any fatal consequences drug use can result in.

How a Hackensack Juvenile Drug Possession Charge Can Happen

A minor can be charged with drug possession in New Jersey in a few ways. First and foremost, the minor must knowingly possess the illegal drug. For example, if a drug such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin is found in the glove compartment or trunk of a vehicle or in the child’s backpack, police may have enough probable cause to determine that the juvenile knew the substance was there. Additionally, a minor can be charged with drug possession when stashing drugs in areas they control, such as a school locker, motor vehicle, or bedroom. Ultimately, any juvenile drug charge comes from the direct knowing, control, and possession of the illegal narcotic.

NJ Juvenile Drug Possession Charges Differ from Adult Drug Possession Charges

While adults charged with illegal possession of a drug in New Jersey have to face those charges in a court of law, juvenile drug possession is often handled in the NJ juvenile court system. These types of charges can result in additional options for the juvenile defendant, such as:

  • Providing drug counseling in hopes of rehabilitation.
  • Placing the juvenile on probation.
  • Placing the juvenile on informal probation, or diversion, which allows the minor to comply with the court’s rules without having to go to juvenile court. This can lead to the charges being dismissed for first-time offenders upon successful completion of the program.
  • If the juvenile is a repeat offender, detention in either a juvenile detention center or home confinement may be a result of juvenile drug possession.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Adam M. Lustberg Can Help Your Son or Daughter Fight a Juvenile Drug Charge in Hackensack, NJ

No matter what your age, facing a drug possession charge in New Jersey is a scary and confusing time. The expert legal team at Lustberg Law understands that, as a parent, the only thing you want out of life is for your child to be safe and taken care of. Hackensack drug possession lawyer Adam M. Lustberg will help your child navigate the murky waters of a New Jersey juvenile drug possession charge and help them get the help they need. Contact the law firm today.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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