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Marijuana Breathalyzers in New Jersey: Will They Be Implemented?

Hound Labs, Inc. has just announced a breakthrough technology that it hopes will make roads safer and hold intoxicated drivers accountable. This technology is a marijuana-breathalyzer machine that will purportedly detect THC on a driver’s breath and help law enforcement identify intoxicated drivers.

Will New Jersey Implement Marijuana Breathalyzers?

Medical marijuana is now legal in the State of New Jersey, but it is still against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana or any other drug. This new marijuana breathalyzer machine promises to help NJ police officers identify and prove marijuana-related DUI charges. There is no current standard by which law enforcement officials can accurately judge the marijuana intoxication level of a suspect in the field. This new breath-testing device, however, has the potential to become the new method by which police officers attempt to prove intoxication. Hound Labs, Inc. explains that THC will only register on the device within three (3) hours of smoking the substance, which the company claims will make the device a reliable indicator of the driver’s level of intoxication.

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