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New Jersey to Release Monthly ATF Gun Data

All Americans are troubled by the recent uptick in gun violence in schools, but the public is divided over how law enforcement and government agencies should respond to these tragedies. The state of New Jersey recently publicized new data about firearms tracking in the state to help shed light on this important information; however, Second Amendment advocates fear that the state is moving toward increasingly strict gun control legislation that will limit the constitutional rights of NJ residents.

New Jersey Firearm Data

Data collected by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) exposed how 77 percent of weapons used to commit crimes in New Jersey have been brought in from other states. This speedy reporting of ATF data by NJ authorities is concerning for many gun rights advocates who believe that lawmakers are attempting to influence public perception and push gun control legislation.

Dan Bryan, a spokesperson for NJ Governor Phil Murphy, explained to news reporters that the governor hopes the information will encourage local lawmakers in New Jersey to strengthen their gun laws. The governor believes that the data is reflective of the state’s already-tough gun restrictions, and he believes it is a sign that gun control can be successful in reducing crime throughout New Jersey.

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Weapons charges are already taken very seriously by the state of New Jersey, and the divisive political climate has given the state even more of an incentive to prosecute gun crimes and other weapons offenses to the maximum extent possible by law. If you’ve been charged with a crime involving a firearm, then it’s necessary to seek out a trusted NJ criminal defense lawyer to fight on your side. Hackensack criminal defense attorney Adam M. Lustberg can be reached through his online contact form.

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